To All McCuin Fuel Customers

Starting immediately, McCuin fuels will implement a 7 day payment on fuel oil accounts. This is due to payment policy changes from our suppliers. We have worked to try to find the best prices for our customers, however, this change is something we have no control of. We strongly urge everyone to start putting as much money as you can on your fuel account. As an incentive we are changing our same day pay discount to 10 cents per gallon. To qualify for this discount you must be an automatic delivery customer filling your tank or a call in customer with 100 gallon fill or more who is gotten on the run.

The discount will not apply to call-ins who need a special trip. You are recieving this letter because you are a valuable and loyal customer to us. Starting September 5th 2006 we found it necessary to strickly enforce our charge account policies. Just a reminder, all delivery charges are now due 7 days from the date of delivery. Deliveries made to an automatic delivery customer will need to be paid in full before another delivery can be made. If a delivery is missed due to an unpaid balance, you will be changed to a call in customer, and lose the ability to charge future deliveries. ALL deliveries will be a minimum 100 gallons or more.

If you burn wood, wood pellets, or any other source of fuel as your primary heat, we ask that you please give us a call so we can change your status to a call-in customer. This will save us unnecessary trips to your home and the possibility of being charged a surcharge.

If you are a call-in we ask that you call (3) business days before we are scheduled in your area, if you are a last minute call in, you may be subject to a trip charge (even if we are in your area that day), if you are an automatic customer, and you call in that your tank is empty we will make a special trip; however, if the tank is indeed not empty a trip charge will apply. If a delivery is called in and is less than the minimum 100 gallons a $25.00 surcharge will be applied.

To make the discounts more convenient McCuin Fuels Inc. will charge your credit card for payments.

Due to the fact that credit will not be extended as it has been in the past, we strongly suggest that every customer start putting money on their account to build a credit balance. We are also working hard to try to get a pre-buy that is affordable. If an affordable pre-buy does become available, we will try to reach each customer by telephone, however, we recommend that you call and check with us also.

Starting June 1st, 2010, McCuin Fuels Inc. will aslo be changing to a 4 week delivery schedule. The zones will be split as follows:

Zone #1
Bakersfield, East Highgate, Enosburg, Fairfield, Rice Hill, Sheldon, Richford.

Zone #2
Islands, West Swanton, Swanton, Highgate.

Zone #3
Franklin, Gore Road, St. Albans, Georgia.

Zone #4
Highgate Center & Highgate Falls

We anticipate this year will be hard on all of us. If you would like to help someone less fortunate, gift certificates can be purchased or money applied to accounts for fuel. There are several individuals and organizations that purchase fuel for those less fortunate, if you know someone let Judy know and she will pass that name along (this of course is kept confidential and the purchaser usually likes to remain anonymous).

In closing we would like to thank you for your patronage. Your understanding and patience of our new policies is greatly appreciated and your cooperation will enable us to provide this service at the lowest possible cost to you.

If you have any questions about this letter or would like to request a quote or rebuy please contact our offices @ 802-868-3261 and ask for Judy, Owen, Corey or Gary.


McCuin Fuels Inc.